R- as Radio Remote Control

Raniero Forklifts extends its offered range of available instrumentation with the new Radio Commanded Guide configuration.

Have you ever played a radio controlled toy car? And a toy helicopter? Or to fly a drone?
Can you imagine being able to manoeuvre a forklift of 7, 12, 18 tons lifting capacity by driving from remote?

For the entire range of electric forklifts, Raniero offers the new guide configuration with radio control.
To the classic driving seated positions, you can combine a handheld console complete with all the functions in your forklift- traction, hydraulics, lights, brakes, horns and others.
A versatile management also from 200 meters distances.

This project is part of a continuous development process undertaken for several years.
A range that extends to equipment, services, instrumentation, accessories, that meets the specific needs of end-user on handling manufactured goods, raw materials in productions fields and for special applications.

Our AC120-CO-C-R has been the first to which this technology was applied.
AC120-CO-C-R is a 12 tons forklift, compact –l2= 3750 mm only, lowered h1= 2180 mm to be able to work inside containers or space with height limits of 2200 mm.
It was requested by E. Van Gent Heftruck-Verhurr BV, dealer and charterer of Raniero AC Electric Forklifts in Netherlands and Belgium since 2007.
Pioneer for green technology.

Choosing to apply the Radio Control option may be useful for the operator for example:
• in situations of lack of visibility at the sides and front in extremely narrow spaces;
• in dangerous working conditions- low temperatures, presence of chemicals stuff or toxic dusts;
• facilitate manoeuvres without the help of other people.

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